Different Levels of Fortinet Firewall Training Course and Career in Fortinet

Fortinet Firewall has been the recent buzz of the industry and more than a million graduates from the IT industry have chosen the Fortinet Firewall course for their post-study specialization to start a career. This provides them with a stable and promising future within a short range of time. Let us look deep into the career perspective of the Firewall Course.

What is Firewall Network Security?

A firewall can be defined as a network security system that is necessary to monitor the network traffic that visits a specific website. It helps the company to keep the network and data secured and acts as a barrier between private and external sources.

Most of the IT services are based on the actions they perform for Tech giants like Facebook, Google, and many such firms. When these tech giants rely on different IT companies to handle a part of their job, like handling millions of users’ accounts and privacies, the network becomes vulnerable to many hackers too. In such cases, a firewall becomes needful to protect the data and prevent malware attacks.

Fortinet Firewall Certification

Commonly termed as Network Security Engineer certification (NSE), used by IT professionals to put up their proficiency and build a Fortinet security fabric. Fortinet Firewall is one of the leading cybersecurity providing company around the world. A Fortinet professional can get trained by the best Fortinet security course providers and elevate their IT credentials to get a reputed career in MNCs and Business organizations.

Now, once the candidate understands the need for a Fortinet firewall, it’s time to get into understanding the hierarchy of NSE certification.

NSE Certification Levels

The hierarchy of the Fortinet Firewall Course starts from the very basics of NSE-1 which goes up to the Apex level i.e. NSE-8.

The level of expertise varies as,

  1. NSE 1 to NSE 4

During this level of certification, the candidate gets an understanding of the threat and potential malware. They cross various training to get proficient in these basics.

  1. NSE 5 to NSE 8

These are the level of certification which the candidate is prepared for –

  • To implement network security management.
  • Troubleshoot the security system.
  • Excelling in integrating the FortiGate Products.
  • Improve a deeper level of security management of the Fortinet Firewall.

JNtech networks come into the picture exactly at this place where they polish the candidates’ skills from NSE 1 level to NSE 8 level and up their skills to be IT professionals.

Benefits of Getting Fortinet NSE Certification –

“When you trust the process, you get better results”. Fortinet Firewall professionals are a high-in-demand job in the market currently. A few of the benefits of choosing Fortinet Firewall certification are –

  1. Get to work with world-renowned companies as a security engineer.
  2. Elevating the cybersecurity skills
  3. Excelling in Fortinet Products
  4. Experience in the threat landscape and learn security solutions.
  5. Grab great salary packages.
  6. Skilled in Advanced Design and configuration

Why Fortinet Firewall:

Fortinet ranks among one of the top-selling firewall technology used worldwide and more than 5,00,000 businesses trust the Fortinet firewall technology to ensure a secure environment for their businesses. Fortinet protects the largest business enterprise network, government organizations, and service providers throughout the world. Continuous progress, research, and developments make this company one of the top B2B cyber security services companies in the world. It empowers B2B companies with Intelligence, Ultimate protection from malware, threats, and cyber-attacks across the expanding attack surface. In every scenario like complex enterprise network, application, cloud, or mobile environments, Fortinet security fabric works outstanding. Only the Fortigate Security Fabric architecture delivers the best security in every critical environment.

Job Opportunities in Fortinet:

Fortigate is the fastest growing cyber Security Company in the world. It is 30% more reliable than any other firewall. As a survey, 15% of the total b2b companies use the Fortinet firewall, which is a big amount. As it is a new and fastest-growing technology, that’s why the salary packages of network security engineers are high. . To a general survey, 15% of B2B businesses use the Fortinet firewall. This is a huge number of users worldwide.

To a market survey of the network engineers, the average salary package of the Fortinet firewall certified engineers/experts is approx USD 67,182 and according to the top-rated salaries survey of the network engineers, the job opportunities in Fortinet/Fortigate are as follows:

  1. Principal Software Architect in Fortinet security: USD 140,000
  2. Cloud Engineer Fortinet security: USD 120,000
  3. Senior Network Engineer Fortinet security: USD 116,000
  4. Cloud Consultant Fortinet security: USD 115,000
  5. System Engineer Fortinet security: USD 107,500
  6. Security Engineer Fortinet security: USD 107,000
  7. Channel Manager Fortinet security: USD 102,000
  8. IT Engineer Fortinet security: USD 80,000
  9. Network Engineer Fortinet security: USD 80,000
  10. Data Specialist Fortinet security: USD 45 80,000

Fortinet Company has a unique approach and the smart vision, continuous Research, and Development make Fortinet the only company to perform extraordinary in network security technology. If we talk about the testing and research, in the virtual scenarios done inside the company, Fortinet is extraordinary. It is not like the other companies which claim that they can detect any threat in the network system but 50% of them are true. But Fortinet is 100% effective in solving problems in the network security domains at any stage. Fortinet is 100% assured that b2b businesses can save important data and knowledge without making serious damage.

Online and Offline Classes available for Fortinet Firewall NSE 1, NSE 2, NSE 3, NSE 4, NSE 5, and NSE 7 at JNtech Networks:

JNtech Networks is the most popular networking training institute in Delhi/Noida which provides online training. It is known for the network security technology training classes like Fortinet, Palo Alto, Checkpoint, Cisco ASA, FTD, F5 Loadbalancer, CEH, Sophos CCNP Security, and CCIE Security. We are having 12 years of experience as trainers for online as well as offline classes

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