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Why choose JNtech Networks for Python For Network?

Python For Network Automation

Python is one of the most popular programming languages and since its development; it has become a supreme scripting language. It is considered as a high-language, interactive and object-oriented programming language and most probable futuristic language.

At JNTech Networks, we understand the Python programming language from the core making us one of the top leading training institutes in Python Network Programming. We have excelled our foot in Python Framework and Data Science.

We take pleasure in announcing that our experts’ trainers help candidates to train and later into placement assistance too. These are a few of the best features at JNTech which makes us different from others.

Let us know more about Python –

Python programming can be used in many ways and due to this reason, it has become a benchmark to hire a candidate. According to, 69,000+ placements arose just from the python programmers in 2019.

A python programmer fits everywhere and the main characters include quality assurance and a high-level machine learning capability. A few more of its python language features include –

  • Python is compatible with various platforms such as Windows, Mac, Raspberry, Linux and many more.
  • With using fewer lines, python can be used to write a program. It becomes an easy task for the developers to choose Python over other programming languages.
  • Python has a simple syntax just like the English Language.
  • It is available to be treated in a procedural way, functional way or as an object-oriented language.
  • Python runs as an Interpreter system which lets it run simultaneously to its coding. It helps in easy prototyping of the language.

Things we have in Latest in Python – 

  • Python 3 is the market and we teach it to our students. Python is great for readability which has commonalities with the English language mixed with Mathematics.
  • It has commanded in lines for a whole code that is simple as English. We don’t need to have semicolons and parentheses for separating lines like other programs
  • Python carries a built-in Library with an extensive library.
  • Python is compatible to run on Windows, Linux, Unix, etc.
  • Python can be one skill that can be put for all in your resume`.
  • It is based on indentation which uses whitespace to define its scope. These scopes can be loops, function or classes.

The Potential Companies Using Python

There are more than 500 programming languages and many more are into their built-up phase. Many are released to the world and many don’t even see the daylight outside the lab it is made. But Python since its release has made a distinctive value in the market. Due to its easy user interface, Python has been one of the most preferred programming languages.

Being one of the most powerful and used languages around the World, Python programming is preferred by most companies. The list of companies aspiring programmers in Python is enormous, like Google, Facebook, Instagram, Yahoo, YouTube, Quora, Sony, and 5000 more.

Python is used in more than one facets of work for these companies. Python is used to track and audit the functionality of the company and maintaining the database. Google has initially used PERL, Bash and C++ for writing their codes which were re-written in Python after its release. Now it is the official language for Google.

Why JNTech Networks for Python Training for Network Engineers

JNTech Networks has the requisite IT knowledge that is used to kick-start your career in python programming. We stick with the trending IT skills to give a supreme command over the language. We Provides 100+Scripts to the students. 

Many training institutes give training in Python, but the quality is what matters in today’s world. We follow a different approach to teaching the candidate and get involved in the mindset of the client. This helps them understand what to be presented in front of the Interviewer to give their best shot for getting recruited.

Some major points to join JNTech Networks

We are ranked as the top Python Scripting for Network Engineers. Here are a few points why you should be choosing us over other institutes regardless of past achievements.

  • Both Classroom and Online training available
  • Upskill, Udemy and Techstack qualified faculty
  • More than 10 case studies in classrooms
  • More than 50 hours of lectures which gives you an in-depth core knowledge about the subject
  • Built your portfolio website filled with worthy projects
  • Placement assistance post the course completion
  • Get a position in the best companies as Python Developer, Senior Engineer, Software Engineer, Web App Developer and DevOps Engineer.

After the course completion, you become a 100% eligible candidate to get placed and recruited into a good company. For more queries on the course, you contact us through the contact section, we will be assisting you with the best possible solutions.

Training Mode

Instructor Led Training/Online Training

Classroom Training

On Demand Training

Training Schedule For Python For Network Course


Upcoming Batches

April 2024

18th april 2024

april 2024

28th april 2024

Python For Network Course Duration


90 Minutes/day

1 Months 


As per candidate schedule

Fee of Python For Network Course

FeeIndian StudentsInternational Students
Course FeeRs. 5000 INR200 USD


You need to have CCNA Enterprise Infrastructure as prerequisite.

Python For Network Syllabus

  • Install Python
  • Ipython shell
  • Python as calculator
  • The print function
  • Variables and Types
  • Reproducibility
  • Type conversion


  • LIST Operations
  • Functions
  • Using the inbuilt Help Functions
  • More Commonly used inbuilt Functions
  • Methods- String and List Methods
  • Python and Telnet – Configure Cisco Router
  • Python, Telnet – Configure Switch VLANs
  • Remove Passwords and improve scripts(Telnet)
  • Create switch VLANs using loops(Telnet)
  • Multiple switches, multiple VLANs(Telnet)
  • Discussing the PEP Style Guide
  • Backup Switch Configurations
  • Paramiko
  • Netmiko – Multiple Variations ofscripts
  • NAPALM – Multiple Variations ofscripts
  • JSON and more commands– Getting beautiful outputs NAPALM and BGP –Multiple
    Variations ofscripts Use NAPALM for device configuration audit and changes pyntc – Multiple Variations ofscripts
  • Netmiko Iteration Scripting – Multiple Variations ofscripts Basic discussion on REST API
  • Python Objects
  • String methods- upper,startswith and endswith,strip,split demo
  • String methods- Join, concatenation, Capitalize, upper, lower, swap,slicing
  • Boolean comparisons
  • Boolean Truth Table
  • Lists versustuples
  • Tuples and Sequences
  • More On Commentsin Code
  • More On if / else / elseif logic
  • More On While Loops
  • More On For Loops
  • More On Dictionaries
  • More On Functions