Why choose JNtech Networks for Django Training ?

Python Django Training

Django is Python’s Web Framework and is an open-source and easy to use platform. Python is the most popular language and is widely used across the globe. With the high-end programming language, Python has an easy to learn interface. It has a modular code that is simple as writing the language English. 

Django Training becomes important for you as it is the most used language. It is used by tech giants like Facebook, Disqus, Pinterest, NASA, Washington Post and many such firms. Python Django ensures easy working and building your product or service for any start-up as a website developer. Because of its rapid development and smaller codes, it becomes a highly used language among Java, C, PHP and many such.

JNTech Networks are the leading Python Web Framework Online Course provider in Delhi NCR. With an average of 200 candidates clearing our course every semester, we have become the number 1 course provider in NCR. Our course is intended to help to learn skills to build highly advanced real-world web apps.

We start giving the concepts from the very basics to advanced python scripts, file operations and database working.

About Python Django

Python Django framework is the most human-readable website building platform. It is useful not just for the user but also for the search engines to rank better. The actual user also finds it beneficial as PHP and C programs usually detects errors due to small mistakes but Django avoids any small errors.

Python runs on almost all OS like Windows, Linux, Unix and Mac OS. Python is ported to Java and .NET virtual machines. It is an open-source programming language which can be used for commercial purpose.

On average, a Django professional earns around $120,000 yearly as reported by Indeed. Python supports various programming pattern which is functional, procedural and object-oriented styles. It also has a huge library of programmers and developing any kind of program with ease. Python Django rest frameworkis the future of programming and scripting language.

Career after Python Django Online Course

Being the leading programming language across the world, it offers the best career options for tech professionals. The career provides continuous growth potential for life and the experts are usually hired in top MNCs. The high-level programming language represents the individual’s competitiveness and versatility to stay in the current market. With these benefits, some of the best career opportunities for Python Django experts include –

  • Software Engineer
  • Python or Django Developer
  • Full-stack developer
  • Django Backend Developer
  • Data Engineer
  • App Reliability Engineer

These are the starting positions for the candidate to get into the industry. As you grow further, the knowledge gets better and the wage increases accordingly.

Why Choose JNTech NetworksFor Django Online Course?

JNTech Networks imparts the fundamentals of website developments training. Django is one of the most popular Python platforms. Delhi NCR is one of the hubs of IT companies in India and every year, there are lots of vacancies for Python experts. They need experts and experience holders in handling big data, programmers and many more IT service-oriented jobs.

With more than 6 years of experience in Python, our experts present you with the best python course. We can get you to the dream job with the master and become a certified engineer.

The key features of choosing JNTech Django Certification

  • We start with the HTML basics and CSS for designing the website better.
  • Learn to create real websites with Django
  • 25+ case studies on current industry-based time projects
  • Experts designed 10+ course modules
  • Current market-ready and updated syllabus
  • 24*7 Lab Access with free Wi-Fi
  • Online classes with backup recorded lectures for review
  • Mock tests for interviews and exams
  • Assistance after the course completion

Along with these there many other uncountable benefits too which help in improving the candidate to get expertise in Python Django.With the course, you will learn to manipulate and analyze the data using various methods. We also focus on giving lectures on online support as with the technological advancement, customers tend to ask for online services more than physical.

The Pre-Requisites for Starting Django Online Training

There is no hard and fast requirement or pre-requisites for starting with Python Django at JNTech Networks. However, a basic fundamental with HTML and programming language will be an added benefit.

Training Modes

Instructor Led Training/Online Training

Classroom Training

On Demand Training

Python Django Course Duration

Duration Course

1.5 Month


As per candidate schedule

Fee of Python Django Course

FeeIndian StudentsInternational Students
Course FeeRs. 8000 INR$150 USD

Python Django Course Outline / Syllabus