Top 5 Career Making IT certifications with Details


As we know in the last decades, Information technology is growing with the fastest rate as compared to other industries in the world. It is one of the basic requirements of the currently going business. Not only the business, but there are so many companies, which are totally dependent on information technology. The company like Amazon, Facebook, LinkedIn, and so many other companies are totally dependent on Information technology. This is the reason, why the networking field has the endless requirements related to the industry. Not, only the inventory or the technical, but also the requirement of employees in Information technology. But, it is not this easy to enter in the Information technology industries.

Information technology has several branches of the information technology, like Software development, web development, Networking, Digital Marketing, Mobile app development,  cloud computing, Cybersecurity, Java, Python, Machine learning, Artificial intelligence, JNCIA and so many other IT fields. The question is that, which one is the best for the career?

There is some IT certification and courses, which can help you to make a career and getting the opportunities for higher growth and can, help you to get a better job in the Information Technology industry. These certifications are in the different domains of information technology to help you for a better job in the Information technology industry. There are some top 5 certifications and training to get a higher package in the information technology industry.  These are as follows:

  • Amazon Wap Services
  • DevOps
  • Core Networking technology
  • Information Security Certifications
  • Programming Training and certifications

These are ordered as the top to bottom, we will explain them from bottom to the top rankings

  1. Programming Certification and Training:

There are so many programming certifications available in the IT industry, these are the Python, C#, SAS, Java, Swift, Scala and Typescript. The cost of the certification examination is varying from $100 to $300 USD. It includes command of various programming languages.

  1. Information Security Certifications:

Information security is one of the most preferred certifications in the IT industry for the security of data exchange and uses. From small business to large Industry, information and data security are important. All the industries need secure data and network; these will be provided by the information security-certified person.

There are four different certifications, provided for the Information Security, these are the:

  1. Networking Technology:

Core networking is really one of the most demanded from past decades; Networking is now the basic need of the information technology. We cannot make a single task of information technology without networking. Cisco has covered more than 70% of the industry. There are some certifications, which can let you a top-level job of core networking in the Information technology industry.

The Exam fee for the certification varies from $200 to $400 for all the courses, except the CCIE, which costs about $2000.

  1. DevOps:

DevOps is also one of the best career-making certification courses in the IT. It has 4 major certifications:

  • System Administration Using Puppet
  • Certified Chef Developer
  • Docker Certified Associate Level
  • Certified Jenkins Engineer
  1. Cloud Certification and Course:

The cloud technology has solved so may problem of data saving, these are The top cloud certifications are:

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