How to Assign IP Address and Gateway Using Two Routers to Different Networks

Well, let me tell you, how to assign IP Address and Gateway using two routers to different networks? So there are certain kinds of steps for the solution of the above problem. The devices needed to perform this troubleshooting process are:

  • 4 endpoint devices
  • 2 Routers
  • 2 Switches
  • cables
  • connectivity
  • ISP

The steps are as follows for the connectivity setup:

  • In the very first step, connect the routers to the ISP, where the ISP will provide the path to connect both routers.
  • Install the routers correctly.
  • Connect the switches to routers.
  • Connect the end devices to the switches correctly.

The steps of the configuration are as follows:

  • Assign the IP address in every port to each router.
  • start routing between both routers.
  • We are using the EIGRP protocol between two routers.

How to assign the IP address in the end devices:

  • Assign the IP address after the subnet mask.
  • Assign the Default Gateway.

what is the default gateway of the PCs in this topology?

  • So Put the same Gateway in PC 0 and PC 2 as Router 1. which is
  • So Put the same Gateway in PC1 and PC3 as router 2, which is

To verify the whole system, i.e. the connectivity between two routers, use the ping command

  • Go to PC0,
  • use ping
  • If getting a reply from the host, the topology is working properly.
  • If getting a reply, but the destination host unreachable, so your gateway is incorrect.

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