How to Pass the CCIE Exam First Attempt: A Step-By-Step Guide After CCIE Course

The Cisco Certified Internet Expert (CCIE) Lab Exam is part of two of the exams needed clear before receiving a CCIE certification. If anyone is interested in networking, CCIE is the highest level of networking certification they can get. Only 4% of the total aspiring candidates pass this exam globally. This process of clearing the CCIE test becomes easy when you get the right coaching and CCIE Course.

The purpose of the CCIE exam is to check the professional ability of any candidate on how much he is in practice and theory. The certification takes the candidates’ careers to new heights and hikes the candidate’s current pay if they are already attached to the networking field.

Inclination towards CCIE:

Before starting the preparation, candidates should narrow down the particular track that they are about to pursue. CCIE has Datacenter, Collaborations, Wireless networking, Service provider, Routing and Switching, and security. The companies pay the candidate after passing the exam based on the loss of revenue that would cause otherwise when the CCIE engineer is not available.

For example, suppose a call center is working 24*7, and all of a sudden, malware attacks the system. The amount lost during the shutdown could have been saved if a CCIE-certified architect would have secured the network beforehand. This is the reason a CCIE-certified professional is paid a good amount of salary.

So, have a clear mindset on which field you are entering and clear it accordingly.

Study Plan:

A CCIE Exam should be attempted when you have experience of 4-6 years in a production environment. All those who are in level 1 or 2 should upgrade their knowledge to level 3 or solution level of architecture in networking. It will be a nice idea to start with learning from the blueprint from the CISCO website and break down each section to envision your plan of study.

Some of the places to start with, can visit SRND labs or take a Bootcamp at INE Labs. Before the Bootcamp too, take a preliminary CCIE Course at JNTech Networks to understand what are you up to. You might get demoralized and think of leaving the preparation but configuring the full lab is important to stay engaged. If you upgrade yourself to configure the whole lab preparation in 6 hours, it will a great milestone to prepare for the exam.

The basics of starting the prepare to learn how the collaboration works first at the CCNA and CCNP level of networking.

Lab practice:

At least 6 months of lab practice is necessary for preparing the lab test for CCIE certification. At least 800 to 1000 hours of keyboarding configuring and integrating various equipment is necessary to understand the exam properly. This time is excluding the study time and understanding the concept separately. CCIE exam tests you to configure the system in 8 to 10 hours, if you practice to do it in 6 hours, it is the greatest benefit.

It is up to the candidate to set priorities for their life before joining the training course and successfully clear the exam. 1 month before the exam, you need to give 50-80 hours a week of study.

Last few Words for CCIE Exam:

If you are taking too much time troubleshooting something during the exam, don’t waste much time on it, just delete it and move on to rebuilding it. The exam has weighted sections, where you are awarded for every correct section you clear. So, troubleshoot during the section every time you are done with one task.

In this technology-filled world, CCIE Online training can make your career boost high. It may be your first exam attempt at the CCIE level but when it comes to JNTech Networks, they are committed to getting you through the exam.

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