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Enterprise Network and Importance of CCNA 200-301 Certification


Why CCNA is still important for Networking Technology?

CCNA is already a well-known certification in networking technology. If we are talking about a kick start the career in networking technology, the first global certification is CCNA. CCNA is still more popular and in high demand as always. As we know it is based on networking technology. It is designed to enhance the knowledge of a person in networking technology.

Cisco is still the largest vendor of the hardware and services provided by networking technology, Like routers, Switches, Servers, etc. It covers approximately 80% of the global market. That is why it is a reason to work on Cisco devices, to make a career in networking technology.

Career Opportunities with CCNA:

After doing the CCNA Certification, you can validate that you have in-depth knowledge and skills to maintain and set up a local area networking using the Router, Switch, and servers. After doing the certification in the CCNA, you can be able to get an opportunity to be employed in networking technology.

After Doing the certification and training in the CCNA you can be able to apply to any company as a Network Engineer, IT Admin, Network Administrator, Senior Network Engineer, Level 1 Network Engineer, System Administrator, IT Specialist, and jobs related to these.

Are you Eligible to do CCNA?

There is no prerequisite for the CCNA Especially. If you are not from a networking technology or IT background but have knowledge of Networking and have recent work in any IT organization, you can do CCNA. And if you are unaware of Cisco, you should join a better CCNA training to start getting knowledge of Networking and Start making effort to grab knowledge it can work. If you look at the surveys on the internet, you will find that there are lots of non-technical background guys working in networking technology. But for that, you need to do hard work.

What do you learn in CCNA?

If I talk about the previous data there were several domains in CCNA like Routing and Switching, Security, Data Center, ISP, and a lot more but now CCNA has no domains like before. There is only one CCNA which is CCNA 200-301, which includes the knowledge and practices of the Network Fundamentals, Network Access, IP Connectivity (IP Addressing, IPV4 and IPV6, and so on), Automation and Programmability (How to automate networks using the Scripting and Python Language), Security Fundamentals and IP Servers. Also, you need to do lots of practices that can do on free simulators Like Packet Tracer, Wireshark, and GNS if you are not having the Real Devices. These simulators work somehow as the real devices do.

How to Study for the CCNA Training?

There are several ways of studying CCNA as Self Study notes, and YouTube and you can also choose instructor-led training provided by an experienced trainer in the networking industry. In both cases, you must be connected to an experienced guy who can help you out when stuck in any technical problem. You can get the solution from the trainer or instructor.

Where to get Instructor-led Training?

Several institutions have training related to Cisco. You can join an Online CCNA training from JNtech Networks, which is located in Noida and is known for the best CCNA Training. All the instructors are having more than 8 Years of experience in networking technology. You can get real-time training online for CCNA there. It has more than 600+ global Google reviews for the training quality.

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