Why choose JNtech Networks for EMBEDDED SYSTEM


Embedded system is a type of computer system, which could be an automatic processing system that is intended & developed for a bigger mechanical or electrical system for activity specific tasks. It could be a part of an entire device, its microcontroller or microchip. Some samples of embedded systems are Digital Cameras, Phones and automotive systems are typically used nowadays. If you wish to understand concerning why embedded systems are thus vital, 1st of all one has to learn embedded computer program then just one will build up embedded System project or look at real-life examples of an embedded system.

It is a complete integrated system of the computer system, which is developed to perform some specific tasks. It is a complete system, which is designed to perform the certain tasks of mechanical or the electrical systems. It also includes the part of electrical and mechanical, integrated to perform a specific task. There is always a high demand for embedded system engineers for automation and IT industry.

JNtech Networks is the choice for the embedded systems training, because the JNtech Networks has the top and best trainers for the embedded system. The trainers are well skilled and have experience of many years in embedded system training. We are having the team of best trainers of automation and embedded system.



  • Introduction of Embedded System
  • Application in our day today life
  • Past, Present & Future of Embedded System

Microcontroller ATMEGA16

  • Hardware Details
  • Pin Diagram
  • PIC Architecture
  • Difference between PIC and AVR
  • Interrupts and Timers

I/O Device Interface and practical

  • Study of Input Output Devices
  • LED Display,7-Segment
  • Intelligent LCD Display
  • Matrix Keyboard
  • Opto-Isolators, Relay
  • Stepper Motors and Types of Stepper Motors
  • Serial Communication Concepts
  • Practices on interfacing circuits

Advance IO

  • ADC (Temperature sensor interfacing)
  • SPI Protocol
  • TWI, I2C
  • Serial Memory
  • On chip Peripherals PWM

C Language Concepts

  • Data types, functions, pointers, array


  • Simulation in proteus
  • Projects in Embedded System using ATMEGA16
  • Android app based home automation
  • Hand gesture based wireless robot
  • GSM based home security system
  • GMS+GPS based vehicle tracker

Training Modes

Instructor Led training/Online training

Classroom Training

On Demand Training