Why choose JNtech Networks for Digital marketing


Digital marketing is the combination of all the marketing efforts that make the use of the Internet and electronic devices for the growth of the business. The digital marketers use several digital methods like social media, email, search engines and their websites to communicate with their existing customers or getting new customers.
JNtech Networks is one of the leading institutions, providing digital marketing training at the best level with the trainers, having more than 5 years of experience in the same field.
The Scope of digital marketing is rising and it is in high demand in the market. Not only the current scenario but in the upcoming time, digital marketing will be in huge demand, because all the companies are switching to the digital marketing methods for the customer engagements.

If someone is looking for a career in digital marketing, then the best institute for digital marketing is JNtech Networks. Here you will get the project based training on the Search Engine Optimization(SEO), Social Media Optimization(SMO), SEM,Complete Digital marketing, Promotions, YouTube promotion, Social Promotions, Email Marketing and all the Digital Marketing Strategy

Digital Marketing Training

Becoming a full-time Digital Marketing expert is easy with JNTech Networks. You can upgrade your skill by studying with us without leaving your current job. We can provide you with Manager level Digital Marketing skills and Executive level Internet Marketing with practical skills usable across the globe.

We are rated one of the best digital marketing institute in Delhi NCR making our students excel in career support by a group of professional trainers, live assignments and candidate’s experience level based training. We support end-to-end teaching on Marketing with a deep dive in developing a winning professional.

What do we do?

Our main objective is to teach the students how to define product or services online professionally. We do it through digital channels such as Website Marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Email Marketing, Mobile Apps, Social Media Marketing, and many such.

The main advantage of Digital Marketing is to optimize the website for search engines such as Google and Yahoo to bring more and more customer to the site. Being a leading digital marketing service provider for the past decade, we have experts who can help –

  • Build Professionals from complete beginners
    Even the fresher who is interested in digital media and want to make a career out of it, we can train them and grow to the level of expertise. Since digital media is on a boom and the business across the globe is expected to grow to 60 Billion dollars in the next 5 years, it is already booming industry.
  • Students and Homemakers – The earlier you start, the faster you grow. If you are a student or homemaker and cannot dedicate full time to learning and working but also worried about earning your expenses, getting a digital marketing course from JNTech  Networks is your best chance to earn a wage for yourself.
  • Experienced professionals who face trouble in finding jobs – If you are struggling in your career due to a pandemic or any other cause, you should try digital marketing from the best institute in Delhi NCR. It requires little or no verbal qualification and the best job opportunity for such.
  • Even full-time employees – Anyone who is already working and planning to grow in their field or get a promotion can seek a Digital Marketing course at JNTech Networks.

We can list down many reasons to choose digital marketing as a profession in India. Most of the corporations are hiring Digital Marketers at a higher rate compared to other professionals for the last 3 years. Overall, we can conclude with the fact that Digital Marketing has a positive scenario in India and across the world.

Scope of Digital Marketing after Training

After you become a certified Digital Marketing expert at JNTech Networks, you become an obvious option for getting a job into –

  •        Digital Marketing Manage
  •        Inbound Marketing Manager
  •        Content Writer   
  •        Search Engine Marketer
  •        SEO Executive
  •        Social Media Marketing Expert
  •        Online Branding Expert

Types of Certification

  1.        Marketing Fundamentals
  2.        Content Strategy
  3.        Social Media Marketing (Organic and Paid)
  4.        Search Engine Marketing with Adwords
  5.        Search Engine Optimization
  6.        Display Advertisements
  7.        Email Marketing
  8.        Google Analytics and Search Console

Top reasons to Choose JNTech Networks Digital Marketing Course

Being one of the best online digital marketing courses provider in Delhi NCR, JNTech Networks provides –

  •        Digital Marketing Training by Industrial Experts
  •        Webinars on Weekends and Live training across the week with 24×7 support.
  •       Globally Recognized certificates
  •        Practical coaching on real-world projects
  •       For any doubt and issues, we even help the candidate after completion of the course.

These are a few of the reasons to choose us and make us the best Digital Marketing Institute.

Training Modes

Instructor Led Training/Online Training

Classroom Training

On Demand Training

Digital Marketing Course Duration

Duration Course

3 Month


As per candidate schedule

Fee of Digital Marketing Course

Fee Indian Students International Students
Basic Course Fee Rs. 8000 INR $200 USD
Advance Course Fee Rs. 15000 INR $400 USD

Digital Marketing Course Outline / Syllabus