AUTOCAD Training

Why choose JNtech Networks for AUTOAD training

AUTOCAD Training

AutoCAD is one of most important software used in the engineering design and it is quite popular among all the industries having some kind of part or body designing work. There is a huge demand for professionals of the AutoCAD. It is basically used for drafting and designing.

It is necessary for the mechanical and civil engineering students because it is the basic necessity for the designer of the body and the parts related to the work.
JNtech Networks is providing the training of AutoCAD at the best level. JNtech Networks is one of the best training institutes of India, providing the training of AutoCAD for the mechanical and Civil Engineering Students.

AUTOCAD Different Certifications

  • Starting AutoCAD and Understanding the Display
  • Interacting with AutoCAD
  • AutoCAD File Operations
  • Setting up a Drawing
  • Using AutoCAD Drafting Tools
  • Understanding Objects
  • Understanding the Display and Virtual Screen
  • Using ZOOM and PAN To Control the Display
  • Using the Aerial View Window and Creating Views
  • Setting the Display Format and Units
  • Working with Prototype Drawings
  • Coordinate System Basics
  • Working with Layers
  • Understanding and Creating Line types
  • Drawing Rectangles
  • Drawing Circles
  • Drawing Arcs
  • Adding Text to a Drawin
  • Filling Areas with Hatching
  • Working with Entity Points and Object Snaps
  • Using Point Filters
  • Methods for Creating a Selection Set
  • Selecting Objects
  • Changing the Selection and Using Object Selection Filters
  • Deleting and Restoring Objects
  • Moving, Copying, and Offsetting Objects
  • Rotating, Mirroring, Scaling, and Stretching Objects
  • Editing Edges and Corners of Objects
  • Producing Arrays of Objects (ARRAY)
  • Working with Grips
  • Using the Grips Auto-edit Modes
  • Dividing and Measuring an Object
  • Drawing Rings and Ellipses
  • Working with Multi-lines
  • Dimensioning Basics and Dimensioning with Precision
  • Linear and Radial Dimensioning
  • Angular Dimensioning
  • Editing Dimensions
  • Changing Object Properties
  • Extracting Information from your Drawing
  • Defining Groups
  • Creating Blocks
  • Adding Information to a Block with Attributes

Empower your Team’s creativity with AutoCAD

AutoCAD is the most significantly used software for designing and creating 3D models. Most of the companies use AutoCAD to design computer parts, bridges, buildings, tools, and even furniture. Acquiring training in AutoCAD will give candidates the ability to break into an emerging industry and acquire useful skills to make themselves more valuable to employers. Grasp the interface of design tools will boost the portfolio of designers looking for jobs, and it will increase the job security of current designers.

The training of AutoCAD enables you and your teams to produce or plot drawings, edit objects, work with layouts, and effectively utilize AutoCAD, the industry-leading CAD software. AutoCAD training online course will prepare your teams by offering an overview of skills that match what is covered in the AutoCAD course. The Advanced Certification course in CAD Design is a comprehensive AutoCAD course at JNtech Networks that teaches the very basics of CAD design to advanced CAD. 

Some advantages of JNtech Networks online training which sets it apart:

  • Highly supportive professionals who are experts in the field.
  • Excellent interactions among the students regarding the subject.
  • Labs are well equipped with technological tools.
  • Highly structured course contents.

Why JNtech Networks for AutoCAD training?

JNtech Networks is a modern best AutoCAD institute saddled with the responsibility of providing effectively trained and fully baked professionals into the market. The AutoCAD training online organized by JNtech Networks is one of the most detailed and updated courses on AutoCAD that you would find anywhere. At JNtech Networks, all courses have electrical cad demo classes, to ensure that students don’t register for courses blindly. 

JNtech Networks have highly experienced training candidates and an outstanding network of industry experts and alumni, this is the place to go for AutoCAD courses. We have industry experts as part of its guest faculties as against residential trainers who have no field experience and cannot train students to meet the demands of the industry.

What You’ll Learn In Our AutoCAD training online

Apply the commands and functions of AutoCAD software to design, save, and print drawings that make use of multiple lines, geometric shapes, and curves.

Find and apply the many advantages of AutoCAD. Automate the drafting process. Build highly accurate drawings in less time than traditional drafting methods.

Reveal and apply the benefits of AutoCAD that provide for the accurate addition of dimensions, tolerances, and drawing notes and labels using symbols and placements recognized by multiple standards organizations.

Apply the functions and commands of AutoCAD software to create isometric and three-dimensional drawings and models.

AutoCAD permits the designing, development, and modification of geometric models with an almost infinite capacity to build all types of structures and objects. This expertise to work in different fields has made AutoCAD transcend its traditional use in the world of architecture and engineering, to enter the world of graphic and interior design.

Our certified specialist for making and Drafting exams are the recognized standard for measuring your skills and knowledge in AutoCAD. The credentials at this level exhibit a comprehensive expertise set that provides an opportunity for individuals to stand out in a competitive professional environment. 

JNtech Networks provides after-training support for its students after their course has been completed to constantly keep them updated with the new trends and tools. Each class is either taught online by a certified instructor or is self-paced. Every AutoCAD training online course is backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. All courses at JNtech are practical and due to our goodwill and good reputation, we have been able to build a network of industry recruiters which make our courses come with a placement guarantee.

Training Modes

Instructor Led training/Online training

Classroom Training

On Demand Training